Secondary growth fund

Traditional venture capital investments often face challenges such as valuation transparency, long durations, and limited liquidity. Our Secondary Fund is designed to address these issues head-on, providing distinct advantages for investors.

Clear Valuation
We understand the importance of accurate valuations. Our data-driven approach leverages insights from over 50 sources, including brokers, platforms, limited partners, and employees. This comprehensive analysis ensures transparent and precise valuations for our portfolio companies.

Shorter Duration
Unlike traditional VC investments that can span several years, our fund operates on a fixed investment period of 4 years. This focused approach enables a more efficient investment cycle, allowing investors to realize returns in a timelier manner.

Enhanced Liquidity
We strategically invest in developed companies with well-defined business models that already exhibit some level of secondary market liquidity. This provides our investors with additional exit opportunities beyond the traditional avenues of IPO or M&A. Selling shares in the secondary market becomes a viable option for achieving liquidity.

Lower Investment Tickets
Our fund targets relatively small investment tickets ranging from 2-10 million. This approach not only allows for diversification and broader investor participation, but also facilitates potential exits through the secondary market itself.

Through a data-driven approach, we provide our investors with clarity, shorter investment cycles, increased liquidity, and diverse exit options. Join us in unlocking the potential of tech growth stage companies and capitalize on the opportunities that lie within the vibrant secondary market.