Early stage access fund

Key advantages

Unique team background allows us to connect on a founder-to-founder level and do deep due diligence as true domain experts

Our digital investment platform enables real co-investment for our LPs, secondary liquidity and data-driven analysis

75% of startups we invested in are founded by migratory talents

Our investment focus

FinTech infrastructure (Payments and Lending): Financial services will become truly embedded into every vertical. Revenues historically reserved for financial institutions will be shared across the value chain

B2B Software Infrastructure: Digital infrastructure tools will continue to evolve enabling business to rapidly launch new business models and functionality

AI applications: AI is one of the most transformative technologies of our era. It has potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries, especially Fintech and Insurance.

3 Pillars of our investment strategy

Slow Investing
Maintain objectivity to avoid FOMO, Hype and Herd mentality

Partnering at the earliest signs of Product-Market-Fit: Seed and early growth stages, focusing on scalability

Crystallising success to align risk management strategies, liquidity via secondaries platform and achieving a fast DPI