Christophe Petetin
Venture Partner

Christophe is a veteran fintech investor with 1st cheque to unicorn track record (Revolut) as well as chairman of Vauban leading to 9 figure exit to Carta in 2022.

Christophe has also advised many government & regulatory bodies such as FCA, ISO & the EU commission to create the next generation of standards for fintech, payments, data & digital currencies.

Portfolio return: >97x C-o-C

At Launchbay, Christophe is focused on origination, due diligence and execution of deals in the UK and Europe.

Total portfolio: 48 startups with core focus on UK, Germany & France over 8 years
Selected deals: Revolut, Yapily, Weavr, Superscript, Seedlegals, Shopcircle