Secondary Market Recap: Fintech Leads the Charge
Market insights
13 March
Welcome to Launchbay's February snapshot of the private secondary market.

It's been a bustling month with 88 companies making waves, each clocking over $1 million in listings. Fintech was the star, with big names like Klarna, Revolut and Stripe dominating trade volumes.

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Sector Spotlight: Fintech Reigns Supreme

Fintech wasn't just leading; it was winning across all fronts: digital banking, payments, Fintech SaaS, and crypto all saw heightened interest. This sector's broad appeal emphasises the tech-driven evolution in financial services.

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Global Trades Heat Up

The market was abuzz with international trades, signaling a warming up of the non-US secondary market. Asian companies, especially, were in the spotlight with IPO talks for Shein and Toss, and significant deals for Bytedance stirring interest. Klarna's positive news and the UK's push with fintech and AI firms like Monzo, Revolut, and Stability AI spotlight the global dynamism.

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Early-stage Stars

This month's listings weren't limited to growth-stage companies. Early-stage players such as Copper, Stability.AI, Mercury,, and Vanta also captured market attention, demonstrating that companies in their initial phases are equally exciting for those active in the secondary market.

Price Movements: The Ups and Downs

February's price changes saw dramatic shifts. Here’s a quick hit list of the top movers and shakers:

Top Gainers:
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