Launchbay March Digest
Market insights
31 March
Gen AI companies, early stage companies and non-US companies in our March 2024 market report

In March, Launchbay platform added active listings from 157 companies, showcasing not only late-stage U.S. companies but also a global presence and companies at earlier stages, with each listing exceeding $1mil in volume. As this is a continuing pattern, it further indicates the evolution of secondary trading as a significant investment tool.

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In terms of sectors, artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI, emerged as the most listed on the platform. The Bid/Ask ratios varied significantly across sectors, with Fintech and Payment sectors showing a bid-driven market dynamic, whereas generative AI, displayed an ask-driven trend, indicating a high supply or selling interest compared to buying interest in these sectors.

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In March, non-US companies accounted for 17% of the total listed volume on the platform.

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Nine earlier-stage companies are represented on the platform, supporting a continuing trend of their increasing presence in secondary trades.

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March’'s price changes saw dramatic shifts. Here’s a quick hit list of the top movers and shakers:
Top Gainers:

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