Actively managed

As a multi-stage investment firm, Launchbay Capital is committed to creating liquidity in the venture ecosystem. Our mission is rooted in empowering founders, businesses and investors through investment discipline and robust commercial outcomes.
Access to liquidity roadmap We are committed to sourcing attractive deals and scaling businesses from first signs of product market fit. We are equally committed to designing fit-for-purpose investment structures that enable liquidity windows and capital redistribution.
Experience and data analysis We leverage data to understand the underlying fundamentals of venture business and our deep investment expertise to execute on those deals at every stage of investing.
Long-term investment horizon We look beyond trends and focus on the long-term risk management strategies that will enable investment teams to be agile and resilient across different market cycles.
Meet the founders
We are committed to empowering founders and senior management teams in executing best-in-class solutions and becoming category leaders. We believe in the potential of global migratory talent, as evidenced by our successful track record of partnering with immigrant venture founders.
Justina Tartilaite
CEO and Co-Founder
Even in the first meeting, it became clear their team was very generous with advice and introductions! Importantly, the fund understood our long-term vision and the problem we are solving on Day 1 when other VCs were still trying to figure it out!
Karan Shanmugarajah
CEO and Founder
The team is extremely knowledgeable and plugged into the fintech landscape in the UK and Europe. The team are very professional to deal with and if we need anything, react quickly and pragmatically. We are fortunate to have this fund as an investor.
John Downie
CEO and Co-Founder
The fund is founder friendly and supportive. They deeply understand the fintech landscape and are able to provide clear and concise founder support from a skilled global investors perspective.
Roey Dor
CEO and Founder
The team has been great to work with, an awesome group of people that continually add value to our company as we scale.
Matthew O’Riordan
CEO and Founder
This fund is a proactive investor, willing to help with introductions to prospects, partners, or other portfolio companies who can help.